Hangar 18

Hangar 18 Café

Hangar 18 Café, in the heart of Milnerton, is a Coffee Shop with a difference. Not only does Hangar 18 Café offer an outstanding menu with great, affordable prices, but our clientele can relax with a cappuccino...

Hangar 18 Office

Hangar 18 Office is a boardroom for rent, to be used as a small conference venue, training room, mediation facility or simply to have your human resources...

Hangar 18 Shop

Hangar 18 Shop is a space we have created to increase the market reach of local artisans. Skilled craftsmen that don’t have a platform to sell their artwork...

Hangar 18 Social Upliftment

Our Social Upliftment project at Hangar 18 has grown into more than we could have dreamed. With more than 30 previously unemployed ladies earning a living by creating items in our workshop...

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Hangar 18 Indoor Market 3 June 2017

Having completed one Market at Hangar 18, we have learnt and grown.

Learnt that despite the modern advertising landscape, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Words like Reach, Engagement and Frequency, have entirely different meanings in the digital media world.

Despite an entire lack of knowledge and a strong desire to put our heads in the sand, we plodded through.

And, using an entirely digital medium, we marketed our market.

The 1st Hangar 18 Indoor Artisan Market was a success.  

Now we can attempt to use our new knowledge base and do it all over again, for the next Market.

So, Ladies and Gents, our next Hangar 18 Indoor Artisan Market is on the 3rd of June, from 9am to 1pm, right here, at Hangar 18, Milnerton's favourite Coffee Shop.

3 June Market Flyer