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Upcycled Products

Ruth Bag

The Ruth Handbag is made from Plastic Yarn. Upcycling your Shopping bags to create a useable fashion accessory. Place your order and your handbag will be ready for collection within 7-days. You will be notified.

Price:R 150,00

Judith Tote Bag

The Judith Tote is a tote bag made from upcycled plastic shopping bags. It is perfect for the beach, school, shopping or to carry your work items.

Price:R 170,00

Glory Bag

The Glory Bag is perfect for any occasion. Made from upcycled plastic shopping bags.

Price:R 150,00

Abigail Backpack

The Abigail Backpack can be used for the beach, school or work.

Price:R 170,00