Hangar 18 Coffee Shop

Hangar 18 Coffee & Craft Shop was built by hands needing work, using as many items made by local vendors as possible.

Mzi from Du Noon made our tables, chairs & other wooden items. Joshua & Philemon from Delft, but trading in Montague Gardens, made our crockery from Aluminium, & Brighton & Happy are our renovators, painters & general hard working lads.

A delicious, diverse menu caters for every palate, including breakfast, snacks, lunch, and ample vegetarian options.

Have a look at our menu, order online, & your order will be ready for you to collect.

Hangar 18 Craft Shop

The Hangar 18 Craft Shop is filled with amazing hand-made crafts.  Focussed on local artisans, we procure our crafts from local vendors trading at craft markets.

For gifts from Xmas to Birthdays to a simple Thank you pressie.  We have an amazing, affordable range of locally made crafts.

Hangar 18 is a project born of passion

Passion to help others, passion to serve great food, passion to help people relax, passion to empower people, passion to manage a gorgeous space for events & corporate needs.

Why Hangar 18?

One of the 3 partners is a sci-fi geek, & Hangar 18 is a hangar at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base purported to contain UFO technology. Its also a Megadeth song, but thats a coincidence. We have three divisions, each one outlined through a link above, have a look & learn how we can help you.