A Market is a place for peaceful browsing, unusual handmade crafts and delicious food, top it off with a little bit of live music, and your experience will be a win.

How about attending an Indie Craft Market once a month, and, even though our market is indoors, Indie is about our crafters and shoppers. (Even though an indoor market in Milnerton is rather a good idea – and Indie rhymes with windy)

'Indie' is an informal version of independent, but has come to mean so much more in our world of trending words. Indie has come to define originality and forward-thinking in music and design. And is much cooler than Emo.

Artisans not associated with a large company are Indie, and so is the shopper who chooses to support small business and handmade crafts rather than shopping at chain stores.

Hangar 18’s Indoor Artisan Market is just that, an Indie market, for the indie shopper.

Put on your Indie shoes and pop round to our Indoor Artisan Market and have a true Indie experience.