H18 Foundation 201-931 NPO

'When you empower a woman you empower her family, her community, her nation'


Previously referred to as the Hangar 18 Social Upliftment Programme, we have, in January 2018, registered as an NPO (Non Profit Organisation). 

Now we will be able to, with the help of Benefactors and Angel investors (through fundraising initiatives), work on our growth strategy, which includes increasing the Research and Development team, and growing our outputs, with the goal of upskilling and empowering more women, leading to a sustainable business, managed and run by our ladies themselves.

With the unbelievable growth since August 2016, when we started the programme, we have become inundated with unemployed ladies looking for sustainable work, to help keep their families fed, clothed, schooled and housed.  These basic necessities that are taken forgranted are not always within reach of all our population. 

We provide skills training, materials and a safe and comfortable space in which to work.  The ladies then create what is needed by the client and the creations are then purchased back from the ladies on an outcomes based system.  This manufacturing model gives the ladies the freedom to come and go as they need to, facilitating their child-care and family needs.  

We love the children coming to work with their mums, and encourage the ladies to bring them with, however, with a reliable income, many of our munchkins are now in creche.

Our motto is; WEAVERS WITHOUT BORDERS, which means that we don’t ask any questions. If someone needs to feed their family, keep a roof over their head, or simply put a sandwich into their childs lunchbox, we will train them and provide them with the skills to provide, through our fabulous clients, for their family.

H18 Foundation is always looking for new projects. So, if you have a dream, that needs a manufacturing team, with quality outputs and assurance, contact us to discuss how we can move forward.

The more projects we manage, the more people we can empower.

 Who we Uplift